Band Bio

The Brice Tabish Band is:

Brice Tabish: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Adam Wawzonek: Keyboards and Backup Vocals
Tyler Lindgrin: Bass
Cole George: Drums

While all members of The Brice Tabish Band (BTB) grew up on a strong diet of British and American classic rock bands, their own music has retained all of the emotional strength with only some of the bombast.

BTB brings the early influence of jazz rhythms on classic rock music, now largely lost, back to our attention with their funk and blues-inspired brand of original hard rock.

BTB promises to offer something to rock lovers of all generations, from those who appreciate the swing and grit of contemporary blues rockers such as The Black Keys or The White Stripes, to those who have completely warn out their copy of Made in Japan or Let it Be.

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